Welcome to the Website of Craig Philip Peterson

Hello,  My name is Craig Peterson and I have many interests including:

  • Working as an Engineering Consultant
  • Writing Science Fiction
  • Working on Artificial Intelligence
  • Creating Music
  • Working on Various Physics Experiments in my Garage


BackCoverThe world is not what it appears to be.  Beyond the the reality that everyone knows is another  world, a hidden world.   This world belongs to the small group of individuals that have access to the hidden knowledge, and the forgotten artifacts of a civilization that vanished from the Earth long ago.  This is the world soon to be discovered by Jonathon Farmer with the help of his reclusive grandfather Merle Candlestick, and the aide of his best friend Samantha Towning.

frontThis world comes to life in the first book of the Adventures of Jonathon Farmer: Journey to the Middle of the Magic.  It is a mysterious realm full  of intrigue and danger, where strange creatures lurk, and dangerous groups known as the Dark Ones  battle for possession of powerful ancient objects called amulets the enable the holder to posses seemingly magical abilities.   Is it really magic or is it something else entirely?



The Infinity Anomaly (formerly titled A Matter of Entropy was first written in 1978) is finally coming to print – FBI Inspector Cowles stumbles across a mysterious installation deep beneath the streets of Washington D.C.  What he finds there plunges him into a perilous pursuit that extends from vast subterranean chambers to the far edge of the universe and beyond!

Amazing Trailer

The Infinity Anomaly: The latest Sci-Fi book from, MVP Publishing!