Artificial Intelligence

ARIEL : An Artificial Intelligence  based Chatbot

Artificial   Robotic   Intelligence  for  the   English    Language

This form demonstrates its ability to analyze sentences:Capture0

Ariel is an ongoing project of mine, originally created to hone my c-sharp programming skills.  It has now become a major project of mine, and is now the most complex program I have written to date.


  • Written in Microsoft C-Sharp
  • Capable of carrying on reasonable conversations
  • Sentence analyzer
  • Built in dictionary
  • Detects “facts” in sentences and learns (remembers them)
  • Information stored in memory is “human readable”
  • Customizable personality
  • Uses text to speech to answer
  • Soon to have speech recognition

This form is for communicating with the A.I.:Capture1

My eventual goal is to get it to read sentences well enough that it can learn by reading Wikipedia.

Note: I have given a talk about  artificial intelligence at the Seattle Robotics Society. Here is a link to their website:

Here is their presenters section:


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